Parental Controls

Do you have kids? Do you have a shared computer? Are you concerned about the content of what your kids are downloading/viewing/watching? iTunes must have moms and dads on their design teams, because they thought of this too!

iTunes provides parental controls so that kids can have the freedom to play and look at what they wish (within reason of course!), but mom and dad still get input on what is being viewed. Score for mom and dad! 

The parental controls can restrict children from previewing or even buying certain content in the iTunes Store. Allowances can be set, so that kids may make purchases in the store without needing a credit card (score for the kids!). Parents pick an amount monthly that their children can use, and allowances can be anywhere between $10 and $200. These allowances can be canceled at any time by changing the settings on your Account Information page (Another score for the parents! Makes kids want to clean their rooms right!?). 

Parents even have the option to disable the entire Store if they wish. The Parental options can be reached at iTunes —> Preferences —> Parental Tab.

Striking the correct balance can make everyone in the house happy. Kids get to see what they want, and mom and dad can sleep easy at night knowing their kids can only see what is appropriate for their age. Score for everyone!

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